About project

The objective of the GRiMM project (Green Modular Passenger Vessel for Mediterranean) is the development of the new design methodology for small passenger ships intended for the operation in the Mediterranean Sea, by applying the modular approach. Although the modular concept is already known in the maritime sector for many years, it is believed that the proposed strategy enables the change of the classical all-in-one ship production mode to a parallel manufacture of different components by the specialized parties and a final assembly done by the local shipbuilding company. The target vessel is assumed to be made of independent modules which are combined together to achieve different characteristics in terms of ship particulars, loading capacity, operating profiles, power sources, etc. It is fair to say that this approach makes the design process much more complex than that for a single specific ship, as it has to deal with variety of different exploitation needs and to satisfy different regulatory criteria at the same time.

First, an analysis of the market needs and of the corresponding ship requirements will be performed for different navigation regions in the Mediterranean Sea. Preliminary concepts based on that analysis will be proposed, while the final solutions will be developed taking into account all the aspects of ship design: hydrodynamic and propulsion efficiency, simplified manufacturing processes, ship habitability (comfort level for crew and passengers) as well as environmentally friendly energy solutions. Through this project several optimized modular passenger vessels will be proposed depending on the selected design criteria sets. In this sense it is expected that the project will result in a number of concepts fitting to the market needs with reduced production costs, higher level of comfort for crew and passengers, reduced fuel consumption as well as lower environmental impact.